Use Cases Restaurants

Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and entertainment chain with 137 locations across the United States.

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Boizao Grill Restaurant, Brazil

Boizao Grill

Boizão Grill use Coupontools coupons to promote their special offers.

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PepsiCo & Round Table Pizza

Pepsico & Round Table Pizza

PepsiCo boosted up Round Table Pizza sales with gamified coupons from Coupontools.

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Burger King Cyprus

Burger King

Burger King Cyprus uses Coupontools to boost their mobile marketing!

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KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras

KFC & Pizza Hut Honduras

Dining services are always on the lookout for unique ways to redeem or use deal vouchers.

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McDonald's Customer Care

McDonalds Caspers

McDonald's launched a digital customer care campaign. Coupontools was honoured to help with the campaign!

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Gamification for Data?


DipnDip used gamification to reach their marketing goals!

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Dalle Valle App

Dalle Valle

DalleValle was searching for a new, better functioning app with a built-in mobile coupon directory.

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Digital Customer Care


McDonald's Hamilton was looking for a solution to automate the digital customer care flow.

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Customer Care Vouchers


The KFC headquarters of the United Kingdom and Ireland were looking to digitize their current customer care approach.

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Secure Birthday Coupons

Mobile Guest

Mobile Guest is a digital agency situated in Canada. They provide 100+ clients in all kinds of industries with digital coupons. 

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Restaurant Coupon Marketing

Tablesfull Agency

Tablesfull is a restaurant-focused agency that, like the name already reveals, helps restaurants fill their tables on a regular basis. 

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Digital Fast Food Coupons

Kout Food - Burger King

Kout Food Group is a large concern with multiple big brands in its portfolio. Have a look at their stunning Burger King campaign.

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Digital Coupons for Loyalty

Koutfood - Taco Bell

Coupontools contributed to Taco Bell's Loyalty campaign in Kuwait. 

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Digital Coupons to trigger visits

Koutfood - Applebee's

Applebee's used digital coupons to bring customers back to their restaurant.

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Boosting Student Engagement


Alma Restaurants, located in Belgium's university cities of Leuven and Kortrijk, executed an effective marketing campaign using digital coupons to engage new students and enhance their dining experience.

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