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Marketing with Coupontools opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to increase their customer attraction and loyalty. Our platform provides a comprehensive range of tools and features to create stunning and targeted coupon campaigns.

From personalized offers and time-sensitive promotions to gamified loyalty programs, Coupontools enables businesses to engage customers in unique and impactful ways.

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77% of Consumers

Actively utilize coupons when dining out at restaurants. These coupons serve as a valuable tool for customers to enjoy discounted meals, special promotions, or exclusive offers.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, consumers can stretch their dining budget and experience a wider range of culinary options.

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4 in 10 Consumers

Stated that coupons, discounts, or promotions influence their decision on where to order from. These incentives play a significant role in shaping consumer choices in the food industry.

67% of customers

Choose a restaurant for the first time if they have a coupon. Coupons play a crucial role in attracting new customers and providing an incentive to try out a restaurant's offerings at a discounted price.

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46% of customers

Are relying on the internet to find restaurant deals. With easy access to online platforms, search engines, and deal websites, they can compare options, read reviews, and make informed choices, saving money in the process.

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How others use Coupontools

Mobile marketing and in particular offering mobile experiences is vital nowadays. Learn how other businesses are already benefiting from Coupontools.


Benefits of using Marketing:

Increases revenue during slow periods

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Valuable customer data collection

Positive brand experience

Customer retention

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Mobile marketing tools for Restaurants

Unlock the potential of mobile marketing for your restaurant. Our platform offers various tools and features to drive customer engagement, boost revenue, and create strong impressions. From personalized offers to real-time promotions, revolutionize your marketing strategy and take your restaurant to new heights.

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SMS for birthday marketing

Get ahead of the competition with text messaging for your birthday marketing campaigns. SMS is the most cost-effective method to deliver your birthday marketing messages at scale directly. With the Coupontools marketing platform, you can create birthday automation, so once in place, you sit back and relax!

SMS has reported open rates of 98%, well above other mediums like email. SMS messages essentially have a guaranteed read rate since you can't exactly delete a message without looking at it multiple times.

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