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Digital Coupon Marketing for
Restaurants and Restaurants Agencies

Coupontools is a leading digital marketing platform that revolutionizes the way restaurants engage with customers. We allow companies to effortlessly create, distribute, and manage digital coupons, vouchers and loyalty programs. Coupontools is the ultimate solution for restaurants of all sizes, offering endless possibilities for creative and effective marketing campaigns.

Problems and solutions

Boosting Restaurant Sales

Strategies for Increasing Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Filling up slow days/moments

How restaurant owners can fill up these slow moments through birthday marketing and promotions that are only valid during these quiet times. you can see this with coupontools

Understanding your customers

To increase customer loyalty and sales, it is important to understand who your customers are. Data can be collected through game coupons or during the distribution of a campaign.

Customer loyalty

Once you have customer data, it is important to use it to drive sales. Sending a monthly email or SMS campaign to your customers can help increase sales and loyalty. Check it out!


One effective way to attract new customers is through the use of social media marketing campaigns. By sharing your campaign on platforms like Facebook.

In-store campaigns

Table talkers and QR codes in the menu can be used to collect data for everyone in the restaurant or to offer a free drink/food item as a promotion. This wil make it easier

Online reputation

Negative online reviews can damage the reputation of your restaurant and affect your ability to attract all of your customers. this won't happen with coupontools.


Benefits of using Coupontools for Restaurants:

Increased customer engagement

Improved conversion rates

More traffic to the store

Increased brand loyalty

Easier campaign management


How Coupontools Can Help Restaurants Solve
Common Marketing Challenges

Boosting Customer Acquisition, Retention, and
Engagement with CouponTools

Campaign types

CouponTools provides restaurants with a range of effective campaign types, such as discount promotions, loyalty programs, and contests, to attract and retain customers.

With CouponTools, restaurants can create engaging campaigns that incentivize customers to keep coming back.



CouponTools offers restaurants an easy and convenient way to create and distribute coupons. By using coupons, restaurants can stimulate sales and increase revenue.

With CouponTools, restaurants can quickly create coupons and distribute them to their customers through various channels.

Integrations with SMS and Email Providers:

CouponTools enables restaurants to integrate with SMS and email providers to keep their customers informed of new offers and promotions.

This helps to ensure that customers remain engaged with the restaurant and aware of the latest deals.


Data Collection and Reuse

CouponTools allows restaurants to collect and reuse customer data for targeted marketing campaigns. By collecting customer data, such as email addresses, restaurants can create personalized marketing campaigns that are more likely to be effective.

With CouponTools, restaurants can easily collect and reuse customer data to improve their marketing efforts.

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